Jim is the co-creator and character designer of Spacefish. The pilot episode can be viewed on YouTube. Here’s some of the original artwork from the show.

3 Mein Kätzchen (jim agpalza's conflicted copy 2012-06-12) Awesome 3 ayn rand2psd Dad of things and stuffs Emily Gaethanomore 2 Glen Towards and Side King of the lions LazloTextureTest Mervin tek 4 Pee Wee tek 1 Poot Poot 3 Sadfly Sam teke 3 copy copy Sam teke 3 Signs Space Bar Freaks Tequila The Irv-rything tek tooz The Sick Nasties the universe Tony and Kevin True Size Tony unicorn piss machine sketch Vagasaur Vagasaurus Hyraglyphs Vagasilvester (Twatadon front) Vagasilvester (Twatadon side) Vagina-faced Volkswagon beetle weird stuff#1 weird stuff#4 weird stuff#5 weird stuff#7 weird stuff#8 weird stuff#12 weird stuff#15


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