Book Covers

Jim Agpalza has illustrated book covers for numerous acclaimed authors, including Edward Lee and Shane McKenzie, and for presses like Eraserhead Press, Lazy Fascist, and Deadite Press.

Dunwich Romance 2Terence, Mephisto & Viscera Eyes Mother of a Machine GunThe Human Santapede WORM JOB Rainbows and Sunshine...and ZombiesJackpot Fairy Princess of TrainTucker the bipolar raccoon A Lightbulb's Lament Necrosaurus Rex You Just Might MToilet BabyThe Nights Neon Fangs Larry II The Squeeequel

FEDUP(cover) Hells Tits Bleed on meBruce Taylor (colored) 3 Jackpot (Final) p2 MotherfuckingSharksfinal Weird Violence(Final) Slab City Event Dresden und Isobel 1 Thunderpussy (final purple) Unicorn final tek 1Pat & Dog(final)


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