Jim Agpalza has illustrated works by dozens of authors, including Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon, and many others.

Baba fuh Coiled-dongasaurus Cool Breeze Block Of Pain Jah hates to wait 2 Kitty-Man My Santa Nun 2 Oh Nicholas over the shoulder Santa 2013 Santa she wolf und kits Talon Blow J 3 Vegeta Yah yes Yubaba Tetsuo 12 Tetsuo close up 6 Tetsuo lives Welcome to itchy zoo(front page) breaking point Final child's play Final Dreams Are Sacred Final Ground Leave Incident Final Myrrha the equalizer Final the girl had guts Final the little lost robot Final vengeance for nikolai Final Wherever You May Be Final The 777 samurai4 Wicking Black Belly 1 Final Battle 1 Oleaginia final Unicorn battle Squad shirt 2 water battle Ass Goblin 2 CUNTHULU El Gigante 2 electric bugaloo Janitor Of Planet Anilingus Leprechaun in the Hood- The Musical p6 Placenta of Love 2 porn land-3 Rico Slade Shirt 2 Sasquatch Organics (black and white) TIMBERS JESUS 3 Happy Daddy day HooHahWelcome to itchy zoo page 110Welcome to itchy zoo page 22 ver. 2Uncle SamJesusPJ Bunnymantweaked santaelephantortionistVroom vroomCyclopsPuresup broowlyspidermannishSquattersomethingoopkitty gunMoby dick meets Moby GinaHappy riderJokerBatman Never ForgetFlip Trunkington3 faceNo wangsLee Van CleefMannish KittyKrampusNew YearHoly Shit!HmmSeal hatRide2birdleFreedom (final)Fishow Hoeneebiking for ginger beerThe Giving Mr. Merpig Baby Jesus Having A Smoke BreakBai, Fishee!


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